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Next month the new TV show Konstnärsdrömmar premieres on SVT. Artworks caught up with one of its judges, Mårten Castenfors.

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The show sees 10 talents compete for the title as Sweden's best amateur artist. The concept can be seen as “Idol for artists” for which the grand prize is to hold a prestigious exhibition at Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde. The competitors are exposed to artistic challenges such as making self-portraits, producing a still life painting or celebrity portraits in oil on time. The Mr Cowells' consist of the artist Ernst Billgren and the art critic and museum director Mårten Castenfors.

Mårten, will the show be a hit or a shit?  

I haven’t seen anything of the program yet, but if it’s made in the right way it can be a very educational program about why and how to create art.  

Is it like “Idol” but for art?  

It’s more like the 1950's than contemporary art, since the participants will do self-portraits, still lifes and nature paintings. The concept is traditional and not necessarily comparable to Idol. It’s serious and, seriously, not at all cheesy. However, there are some similarities. 

Will you be criticised for doing something so commercial on television?

It is a snobbish industry we are dealing with, but this is public education, just as Vårsalongen, which I have been doing for many years now. Art brings emotions and I am sure that Ernst and I will do the same when we show up in the telly.