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Top 3 openings this week in Stockholm

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1. Heli Hiltunen at Galleri Andersson/Sandström  

How many finish artists can you name? Bet is less than a handful. Swedes tend to know very little about our close friends on the other side of the Gulf of Bothnia. This is also true with the arts. Something that Galleri Andersson/ Sandström wants to change.  Today, Thursday, opens a solo show by one of Finland’s most renowned contemporary artists. Heli Hiltunen, whose art figures on the boundary between photography and painting, provides a show that takes the visitor on a journey through melancholy landscapes, fragmented narratives, and dream-like states, a style that has become her signature mark.  

2. Thomas Schütte at Moderna Museet  

The sculptures in this exhibition are so big that Moderna Museet had trouble getting them into the building earlier this week. However, that won’t stop the museum from kicking off this fall’s big shut-the-fuck-up exhibition. The show United Enemies is based on Thomas Schütte’s sculptural works from the past two decades. Make sure to queue up early when the show opens at 11 this Saturday.  

3. Alexander Tallén at Stene Projects  

If Jeff Koons had a Swedish twin he would be spelled Alexander Tallén. The 28-year-old porcelain sculpture artist has, with his delicate hands, found his way from the Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs to museum exhibitions and gallery representation on an international scene in just two years. Now it's time for his first solo exhibition at Stene Projects. Tallén’s decorative, glazed miniatures represent a self-portrait of a bearded hipster with headphones and mobile phone, as well as a standard switch with floating gender identity and female attributes. The patisserie-like statuettes are based on the figurine heydays of the 1700s and explore that tradition in an updated format. Do not miss Tallén’s premiere on the big art scene.