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When one of Sweden’s most talked-about authors is given the task to interpret 30 selected artworks by one of the country’s most famed artists, without having met, the expectations are sky high. We caught up with Dan Wolgers to discuss the results…

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So should I pay 120 bucks to go to see your show?  

Yes. It is a very fun exhibition, and it will certainly provide you some food for thought.
The exhibition features works of art from my first years at ”Konstskolan” in 1977 to stuff that I have produced in more recent years. Lena selected several works that has never been exhibited before.

How did it come about?  

It was Ingrid Leffler, the director of Spritmuseum, who came up with the idea to bring together Lena Andersson and me. I had never met Lena, but once we got to meet it became clear that we would have a lot of fun together. Lena got to see pictures of all my works that I have made throughout my career. After 20 minutes she shouted out: ”Everything is one and the same thing”! She is the first one who has understood that everything I have made in my artistic career has revolved around the same thing. My art is about language and terminology, which represents a natural connection to Lena. 

How did it evolve into an exhibition?  

Lena selected 100 works of art that she liked, out of which she wrote texts for 35. My works have been kind of a springboard for her reasoning. As an artist it is hard to put words to your own art, a task in which Lena has amply succeeded.  

“Tråkutställningen” (“The Boring Exhibition”), ballsy name to a show, tell us about it?  

From the outset we talked about naming the exhibition in that way. The show is not boring, but it is no sight for sore eyes either. According to me, exhibiting art that just looks pretty is boring and non-stimulating.  

How's your relationship with Lena today?  

Our relationship has been based on both an articulated and implicit understanding. Today, I know Lena as well as an older sister, who sees and understands what I do. It has been very fun to work together. Despite the fact that everything has revolved around pretty much the same thing, Lena has managed to produce 34 entirely unique texts.