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'Feed me Grapes' contributor Joakim Sjunnesson chats to Artworks' Henrik Kanekrans about life and sneakers.

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Who are you?
I would hope that my buddies would say something in line with “a curious and open-minded 30-something bloke from the south of Sweden; interested in social, political and cultural issues - especially the arts”. But to the Artworks readers, I’m Artworks contributor Joakim Sjunnesson.
You’re an art junkie, how did that happen?
I’ve always been fascinated with creative expression and visual beauty. It gives me a lot of inspiration and satisfaction. The arts make us human in many ways and that’s quite extraordinary.
We like your sneakers, where are they from?
Thanks! That’s cool of you to notice. It depends, but usually I wear sneakers by Puma or Balmain.
Artists putting their touch to sneakers and brands is commonplace these days, do you have a favourite collaboration?
Yes indeed. I would say Puma by Alexander McQueen and Adidas by Rick Owens.
Do you have a pair from that collaboration?
What does your art diet consist of?
Mostly paintings, photography, film and music. I like to include them all in my essential consumption because these forms of expression constantly influence me. These art-forms also influence one another in a gripping way that I find fascinating.
Tell us about your perfect art walk - 2 hours on a Saturday pm.
I have 2 “classics” during the weekends. The first one - I start by taking the tube to Sankt Eriksplan and walk to Bonniers konsthall. From there I continue on foot through the City and Skeppsholmen island to Moderna Museet. I love the mix of art with nice scenery and people watching. The second route - I take the bus number 4 from Hornstull to Vasastan and pay a visit to the galleries in, and around Hudiksvallsgatan.
One art exhibition that made an impression on you this year?
The current Tony Oursler exhibition at Magasin III.
One art gallery that left a particularly strong impression on you - good, bad, or otherwise?
Cecilia Hillström Gallery because of the artists and friendly atmosphere.
If money was not an issue, could you buy any painting you wanted?
Well, then I think I would try and buy a sizeable one by Gerhard Richter, Luc Tuymans or Tala Madani. If I could have all three of them, even better, they would fit and look amazing together!
So actually, when did you last visit an art event and why?
Affordable Art Fair. I wanted to get inspired and maybe buy something for my apartment.
Did you get inspired?
Hmm, to be honest, no, not really!
What made Affordable Art Fair attractive or not so attractive?
Well, it’s always energetic and turbulent at the fairs, I like that, so I would say the amount of buzz and people made it attractive. The flipside, was the relative boring art, overall. I prefer Market Art Fair. To me their program present a more interesting platter of contemporary art and artists. It’s much more expensive if you’re looking to buy art but if you just want to experience and get inspired by the art on sight, I would recommend it.
And finally, why do you hate Artworks?
Haha! Because of your stupid question! Seriously, I like Artworks and I really think that the idea of broadening the interest in art is needed and something to fight for. Forza!