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A bottle of dry white wine from Austria. A new podcast about British politics. A new pair of ridiculously expensive sneakers to match those slightly faded black jeans. We all make choices based on certain tastes. We are all acting like DJs, as Joakim Sjunnesson discuss.

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I've been looking for something new to put up over my dinner table for a while. Something colourful, preferably a painting. I've felt that I need to add a fresh ingredient to my place - my collection. An object that in some way helps to define me or at least, helps to communicate my taste. When sweeping the net for inspiration I came across just the kind of painting that I like. “Shit! Crazy colourful and made with a technique resembling that of Gerhard Richter! Sick!”. I threw myself on the phone and reserved the work immediately. Went to the art gallery on Karlavägen, in the poshest part of central Stockholm, the day after. Done deal.
Now, a bit poorer but happier, I get inspired by this awesomeness every day on my wall. It fits well while enjoying that Austrian white wine, eating that smushed but totally delicious quorn burger or when having a pre-party dancing to Lady Gaga.
We live through objects. Acting like DJs we make decisions and choices all the time in a material culture where information and products seems to flood our very earth. We create themes and concepts when choosing and mixing amongst what we like. This is how we do it. We create a frame through which to operate. You could call it material storytelling. I call it an art in itself. What art to purchase or picking which exhibitions to see are just some of many activities that are based on a careful selection. Reach out and touch faith. Your own personal Curator.
You might wonder where I found my almost-to-good-to-be-true-you-must-be-joking work of art? On the Artworks app of course.