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Artworks caught up with one of Skellefteå's favourite sons, Nico Nuzzaci, departing design principal at Skype. This guy knows how to design pretty things and beats Leonardio diCaprio to the coolest name.

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Where are you and why?
I'm working from home today. Reason for that is I needed to focus and get away from open plan office. As of geographic location I'm currently based in London.
What are you wearing?
Jeans and t-shirt.
Who cuts your hair?
I do.
What does your media diet consist of?
As of late my main media diet has been the News app on my iPhone. Besides that I check Twitter from time to time.
What does your art diet consist of?
On a daily (hourly) basis I enjoy Mark Rothko. I have his work on my lock-screen and background on my iPhone. Besides that I try to visit exhibitions and art galleries monthly/bimonthly.
Art is best consumed?
Regularly. Obviously some art need to be experience in person for full effect, but as with most things that are good for you: do it regularly and in whatever form is accessible.
What makes an art gallery attractive?
I actually find many art galleries to be unattractive, unwelcoming and snobby.
You had to marry an artist or a business person, who would you pick?
Someone who plays the cello.
Could you name some of the women that you admire?
Top of my mind and based on current context: Hillary Clinton and Joan Mitchell.