'Untitled (Direct cinema / Cinema vérité)', 2020, ett konstverk av Alvaro Campo
Untitled (Direct cinema / Cinema vérité), 2020




70 x 100 cm


43 750 SEK

Untitled (Direct cinema / Cinema vérité), 2020

Mixed media – Screen, forest, sunlight, (Photo documentation) - C-print approx 70x100cm

During the summers of 2018 and 2019 Alvaro went on walks in forests and brought portable screens with him, sometimes staying there during larger parts of the day. He sat, watched and recorded the patterns that were formed on the screen. Direct cinema and the cinéma vérité genre were characterized initially by filmmakers’ desire to directly capture reality and represent it truthfully. From an optical point of view, a screen is not needed for the image to form; screens are rather used to make an image visible. In this case, the patterns that are present everywhere in a forest and that are usually left unseen to the naked eye.

Shown in the exhibition : "Time Observatory #1 - The Measure of Change" at Uppsala Art Museum - 2020