'Still-Leben', 2020, ett konstverk av Mona Petersson
Still-Leben, 2020





Glasswork, Iron, Textile

40 x 240 x 26 cm


Kontakta för pris

"Still-Life" materials: Iron shelf and objects (ready made) in laboratory glass, pistons, funnels, jars and porcelain. Content like seeds, weed seeds, plant parts, cones, acorns, glass corks, unrefined cotton wool, cotton.

Still-Life can be viewed as a classical painting of symbols. A Coca Cola glass of the common Swedish weed Thlaspi arvense, transferred chlorophyll (photosynthesis) and underground microbes from the Swedish power plant Ringhals (possibly stored for final disposal) represent the preliminary stage for photosynthesis and the root of all life. Water, a vital neccessity as well as an instigator of war, oats (cattle feed), thistles (weed prevention for the growth of capital), rice (a global food source), corn (GMO), weeds (or plants that happen to grow in the wrong place), blue liquid (represents hydrogen cyanide, an antigrowth substance).

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