Skies I and II, 2020






121 x 91 x 4 cm


5 000 USD

This work was created because I wanted to add something zen-like, but bold + bright, to an otherwise often complicated world. The minimalist expression allows for open interpretation and room for the art to breathe. This work is mysterious and intriguing. Comes framed in an elegant natural wood frame. This artwork was designed as a pairing, but you can buy solo or pair with a different work.

A love poem accompanies each piece that speak to each other, written by the artist, and represents an exploration of the inter-relationship between the shapes on the canvas and the story that may be unfolding between the two works.

This piece was created as a pairing. It can be bought solo or with its pair. Each poem speaks to the other.

Skies I

Skies shape memories
Of you and me
Floating like
Butterflies on the breeze
Touching space
Flitting through
Stars shining bright
Beyond the daylight

Skies II

Beloved, sing your blues
With me
Let your sadness be
Cry your tears
Look and see
In clouds floating by
I have never left your side

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