Many Windows on Ourselves, 2018

36 959 SEK


Teknik/medium: Gouache, Acrylic

42 x 60 x 2 cm

Unique gouache painting on paper, spread no.19 of the artist's book in unique copy “World of Desire”, and example of the visual language developed by the artist during the making of the book.

The work is box–framed in light wood with high-transparency glass by a framing laboratory in Stockholm.

“World of Desire” is an artist's book in unique copy on visual democracy, graphic design and ornamentation. In 2018 the book is awarded the Ung Svensk Form design award and has been exhibited internationally since, including at ArkDes (Stockholm), Form/Design Center (Malmö, Sweden), Dunkers Kulturhus (Helsinborg, Sweden), and DesignArt Tokyo.