I Love You. Dual Nature., 2018






121 x 91 x 4 cm


2 500 USD

This work was created because I wanted to add something zen-like, but bold + bright, to an otherwise often complicated world. The minimalist expression allows for open interpretation and room for the art to breathe. I use bold, bright colors in large format so that the piece becomes a statement piece in any room. The painting adds a bright pop and a strong presence or aura to any room. This work is mysterious and intriguing. Comes framed in an elegant natural wood frame.

A love poem accompanies this piece, written by the artist, and represents an exploration of the inter-relationship between the shapes on the canvas and the story that may be unfolding. The poem comes printed and framed. I also do commissions.

I Love You. Dual Nature.

The two of us

In the garden

Of being

I love you

Even when

You’re not mine

This duality of each other

Encircles our energies

Even when

You’re not here

Transport och andra avgifter kan tillkomma.