'Athene Noctua', 2020, ett konstverk av Hrik
Athene Noctua, 2020





65 x 55 cm


This is Hrik’s second blindfolded acrylic exploration (not framed), which summoned the mighty Athene Noctua, here in its winter coat. With the ability to see clear where there is darkness, nothing escapes this familiar.
Mmm, yes, the all seeing owl!
For this one I again started doing the background with closed eyes, and went from there. But this is also the one where I picked up from Indigo, and really went to town with the eyes! Oh the eyes..

I did have the idea early on to do an owl, but I wanted this particular kind owl in a made up winter shroud. Then as the owl took shape, I started seeing all the eyes around it. When I proceeded doing all the neon deco at the end, I almost freaked myself out! Because when I took a few steps back to look at it al, I really felt I had somehow created a spell or incantation of some sort around it!

To me, Athene Noctua is about seeing things clearly, about understanding that things are not what they might seem.

This pierce comes unframed, on stretched canvas, and that is how it’s sold and shipped.
If you are interested in acquiring this piece, I’m happy to supply additional pics, and answer any questions.

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