The Kinship Method - The Book, 2021




200 SEK

published by ARVINIUS + ORFEUS Publishing

Margot Barolo write about the project, its process and transcript of the design therapies, the underlying purpose regarding the designer role in design production.

As a part of the Kinship Method, we wanted to document our jour­ney in the form of a book, which we are publishing in collaboration with Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing.

It’s a story and example of how a practice based project can grow knowledge and contribute to change the designer role. As well as questioning the ideas of how design should be done and why we should make a “fun revolution”.

It can also be seen as an instruction, as well as a debate post, or an inspiration. For all of you who are interested in processes, artistic work, design and its place within production and goods, this book is of interest.

The book consists of photographs by Karin Björkquist, texts written by the five designers, as well as transcriptions of the therapy sessions held by Salka Hallström Bornold. This comes together in a 110 page book with graphic design by Samira Bouabana and John Bengtsson.

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