Sofia Heinonen

Sofia Heinonen

I am a studio based artist working with a visual medium. I process my own reality through my painting; it makes the reality more clear. Through these observations I explore the tactile experience of the medium; the oil paint. I start from the theme of abstraction as a visual language. In the studio I make use of the body's experiences and search my way forward through intuitive methods. There are references to abstract expressionism. My purpose is to keep the work open – to give space for the observer's own position. Throughout my work the time and representation theme is an important starting point and the titles often indicate to the concepts time and space. It leads me to references to 19th century romantic painting. My relation to time also becomes prominent when I, as an artist, practice a medium bearing a long tradition – which I make use of through sometimes going back in art history. At the same time I am interested in using current references, highlighting our time.

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