Slavka Velitchkova

Slavka Velitchkova

Slavka is one of the few modern artists who are both influenced by and addicted to the classical values of fine art, despite the chaos of newly created art concepts nowadays. A distinct attribute of Slavka Velitchkova’s art is the depiction of space through color, a consciously applied principle which becomes a measure of both quality and value of her style. Whether she paints a landscape, a nude figure, or a still-live, she begins with the natural form, while synthesizing and transforming it into her own interpretation. Sometimes she works in a sparing, monochromatic tonality, but often you will find bold and unexpected color shifts and striking brush strokes. Slavka distills the subject into a simple symbol, which contains an emotional charge, intensely affecting the viewer, conveying a mood, rather than telling a story. Artist with a distinct and expressive multi-tonal brushwork technique, Slavka paves her own way in the fine art. In time of sometimes degrading art values, her expressive style becomes easily identifiable while remaining rooted in the classic principles of fine art. Professor Dessislava Mincheva, National Academy of Art, Sofia Her paintings are in the museums of the National Academy of Arts Sofia, Bulgaria, Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery Pleven, Bulgaria, private collections in different countries.

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