Sasha Sokolova

Sasha Sokolova

I was born into a creative family and knew from the start that I would become an artist. My grandfather was a professional painter trained in the classical Soviet system and he taught me drawing and painting from the time I could hold a brush. We used to go out together into the field and I liked to explore nature using my pencils and paints. He was a strict teacher which at the time I didn’t like but I appreciate that now as the discipline was an important balance to my artistic nature. At the same time I was studying music so I was brought up to understand harmony and to love art. As well as studying the classical multilayer techniques of watercolour painting and drawing, I also did courses in miniature enamel painting, mural painting and etching. These painstaking activities taught me to love and to develop detail and that is still a feature of my work today, whether working in oil on a large canvas, or a simple sketch on a train. After completing my schooling, I enrolled at the Gerasimov All-Russian State University of Cinematography. Here, I specialised in costume design with an emphasis was on imagination and self-expression. This gave me a broader arts education, not only the academic discipline in painting and drawing techniques but also the practical application in cinema – from modelling and dress making to styling and participating in the whole production process. More recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe, Africa and Australia which has sparked all of my current work. The excitement of new landscapes, cities, and cultures have inspired me to capture my feelings from these travels, especially the colours of Southern Europe, and the rhythm of daily life. These days I focus on oil painting, both in the field as my grandfather taught me, and on return in the studio. I am happiest with my backpack of materials, sitting on a rock or in a corner out of sight, observing and recording these moments. During 2016 I worked as an artist on the film Loving Vincent, which is currently screening around the world and is nominated for Best Animation at this year’s Golden Globe awards.

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