Sami Korkiakoski

Sami Korkiakoski

Finnish artist Sami Korkiakoski (b. 1978, Eskilstuna) works with large scale paintings in which he explores line, rhythm and feeling, taking the line to a whole new level. The main role in Korkiakoski ’s works is played by energy and movement, with everything else positioned around them. The physicality of the process and the way he paints with his whole body can be seen in his fast-paced Instagram videos, as he goes from canvas to canvas, painting with both spray and brush simultaneously. Korkiakoski received his MA (master of art) degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (2007), and his MFA (master of fine art) from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki (2013). Korkiakoski has had solo exhibitions all around Finland, and in recent years also in the USA, including New York and Los Angeles, and in Brisbane, Australia. His works are, for instance, in the Sara Hildén Art Museum, Finnish State, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art and Kuopio Art Museum collections, and in numerous private collections.

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