Oleg Nourpeissov

Oleg Nourpeissov

Oleg Nourpeissov studied and practiced art both in former Soviet Union, Russia and nowadays West. The base of his artistic approach is Fine arts where all his knowledge and experience are coming to use. This is the instrument he possesses and uses to express himself. There is a clear trend in the contemporary art to put an idea before the ability to depict reality truthfully. The artist believe that one part does not need to exclude the other. His goal is to create an art where all parts are included and coming to maximum of expression. Personal quote: "If to look carefully, we may see the whole Universe in every simple thing surrounding us." The artist wants his paintings to contain all he can, everything he learned, all he achieved, all his thoughts, ideas, feelings, and desires. He sees his paintings as a piece of music, a haiku poem, a philosophical treatise. Then he loves to put in all this a good pinch of humor. He loves when people smile at his paintings or fall in contemplation. The artist wants people to see the divine in every smallest simple thing surrounding them because that thing is also a part of the Universe. He wants his every painting to delight and be a long-lasting monument in the honor of Art, a contribution to the cultural progress and prosperity. Oleg Nurpeisov has a goal to rename the Swedish word for art - "KONST", which associates with STRANGE, UNUNDERSTANDABLE, back to its more appropriate original name "KUNST" which comes from ABILITY, SKILFULNESS. Personal quote: "An artist is the one who can take a bit of mud and make of it something the humanity admires for millennia."

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