Nina Noreskär

Nina Noreskär

Born 1989 in Gislaved. I live and work in Stockholm, where I also have my studio at WIP:Sthlm in Årstaberg. Finished my Master in Fine Art from Konstfack (University College of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm) in 2016. My artistic practice is focused on painting where I am curious of the notion of painting in an expanded field. The paintings are in large scale, almost too large for me to handle. By working with soft materials as fabric, tarpaulin and thin plastics I can easily change the shape of the paintings and the can be presented in various ways. Random shapes, marks and expressions are mixed with controlled movements and processes all not so carefully handle by me. It is an aggressive work where the paintings are folded, draged, torn apart and cut apart and sewn together again. I work non hierarchal with material and paint in a restless and testing manor where cause and affect plays a big part. The paintings are in many ways a result of a performative action. The studio work and exhibiting the work is both as important for me. The painting and to paint happens again and again and in different shapes and moments. In my mind, in my body, on the surface, in the imagination, when installing, in every new viewers body and mind. The paintings are often put together into large installations where both sides are visible to see. A painting is never done to be shown only in one specific shape or side. They way a painting is shown can differ from show to show.

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