Nina Kerola

Nina Kerola

Born in 1965 in Åbo in Finland, lives and works in Stockholm. Educated at the Pori School of fine Arts, Finland from 1986 - 1989. Royal Intitute of art, Stockholm 1996 - 1996, 2012 -2013 and Proffesional courses in Konstfack 2011 - 2013. In Nina Kerola’s images the artist herself recurs as a female figure finding her way through open landscapes. She has a desire to explore the unknown, to keep moving forward, even when she doesn’t know where she will end up. The same trees are passed repeatedly, as well as other elements that recur in the images, a reminder of how it feels to discover old memories in a new place. Kerola also testifies to a strong need to return to one’s native country; Finish soil is where she finds her inspiration and new imagery. In the serial Memories of Before images of her childhood home recur. What appears at first glance as a return to the past may also be a way to move forward.

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