Matilda Dominique

Matilda Dominique

Born 1983 in Enköping, Sweden. MFA from Konstfack (2014). Based in Stockholm. Matilda Dominique’s artistic practice is build around her fascination for threads and the construction of woven materials. She works with weaving as a tool to create both smaller and larger artworks, where the scale of the woven patterns as well as the works themselves is used to challenge one's perception. Her work can be viewed as material experiments, repetitive patterns or layers of threads that creates an analogue moving image that will change depending of the light, the space, the air or a gust of wind that passes by when the door is opened and someone enters. In her works Dominique often use techniques associated with textile objects that can be found in a home, such as dishcloths, rugs, curtains and tablecloths. Objects used to clean, dry, heat, screen and protect. Her woven structures are thus filled with layers of memories and stories shaped by hands and time. Photo: Elin Sylwan

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