Kerry Campbell

Kerry Campbell

I am attracted to the clean and bright energy of the mid-century modern aesthetic because it exemplifies a certain simplicity and celebration of form and space. My work is nouveau modernist in a sense. My pieces are bold and bright abstract representations of form, but these forms interplay with each other and express a type of relationship. My piece, “Father,” is a good example of how different shapes represent a relationship between a father and his children. I also explore the interrelationships and stories of others, as exemplified in my abstract figurative works. These pieces are done in purely black and white colors, thus stripping away everything to the bone, exposing only the true nature of the human condition. I was a poet before I was a visual artist, so I often write poems to go with my artworks, or I use words as a medium. I also create abstract expressionist works that are intuitive gestural renderings of color and motion. I studied studio art at the University of California, Davis, under the New York artist, Jane Rosen, and I hold an M.A. in Creative Writing. I have exhibited throughout the United States, including Washington D.C., Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego and San Francisco. My works have been adorn homes internationally, are held in private and corporate collections.

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