Jessica Eldenstjärna

Jessica Eldenstjärna

Born 1979 in Värmland, Sweden. Based in Stockholm since 2004 with exhibitions and performance acts in Sweden (Edsvik Konsthall, MLG Gallery and more), England, France and Japan. With painting, sculpture, performance acts and short film, Jessicas work is an unfolding meditation for sensitive embodiments of ”Life Spirit”. She is a passionate voice for Soul, Spirit, Beauty and Nature in our time. Moving between figurative and abstract she draws inspiration from a lifelong exploration of cross-culture myth, mysticism, psychology and diverse spiritual practices. Inviting “The Sacred” as well as touching on various existential themes, inner worlds and ethereal planes come alive in a mix of colours and mediums. ”Jessica creates mythical Archetypal mindscapes that fascinate and illuminate. She truly captures the imprint of a spiritual force; each painting so alive, seeming to breathe, and challenges the viewer to look deep into themselves and also reach their highest potential.” -Gloria Henry, Co-founder of OM-times magazine

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