Jenny Molin

Jenny Molin

My name is Jenny Molin, I am 41 years old and born and raised in Ängelholm, south of Sweden. After a challenging period in my life a few years ago, I chose to start listening inwards and follow my heart instead of living someone else's life. My creativity began to bloom and took many different forms. In the summer of 2018 I started to paint. Before that, I was afraid of failure. When the first draft had been made, the stopper had come loose and I began to explore and test myself. Very soon I found a style and expression that felt so right, So "me", and the first paintings were sold record fast! The female body is for me a sacred temple, a dwelling place for our soul. The female being is energy, warmth, love, strength, beauty, vulnerability and freedom. Therefore, the woman is an obvious motive for me in many of the paintings, and my paintings always reflect something in me. I create from the heart. Via the canvas. To you.

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