Irina Laaja

Irina Laaja

The complexity and signification of the body fascinates me; how something so concrete and straightforward, can also be so complicated and difficult. How views on, and definitions of, sexuality, normality and obscenity are woven in, between and through, our physique and our subconscious. Strange, uncanny places consisting of both pain and humor, exposing something insecure or uncomfortable yet unapologetic. My practice is both conceptual and confessional, connecting the personal and the political in a contemporary context. With great focus on the process and my own body, as well as the experiences that stem from it, I aim to approach the relationship between the "body" and “ourselves". Although the idea-based content usually helps to decide the medium, I do tend to return to textile, sculpture and drawing, often using techniques and methods otherwise associated with handicraft and Pattern Cutting.

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