Backa Carin Ivarsdotter

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter

Backa Carin Ivarsdotter (born in Uppsala, Sweden in 1973) took her master's degree in Ceramics and Glass at Konstfack in Stockholm in 2000. Her graduate project "Selfdestructing Porcelain Net" had a big impact both on exhibitions and in international literature. Ivarsdotter’s work has been shown in many exhibitions in Sweden and internationally, both in solo and group exhibitions. She works scenographically, where she uses a room to create a certain atmosphere and feeling. Ceramics and glass are still the foundation in her artistry, but she works freely with materials and minds - ceramics, glass, textile, concrete, metal, plants and trees, animals, sound and light. In recent years, Ivarsdotter has mainly worked with public art, such as Biskopsparken in Linköping, Street at Hornstulls Strand and now with two traffic points for Förbifart Stockholm.

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