Aysen Savci

Aysen Savci

I would like to bring out the soul of glass… Glass is not a material that comes to mind when one talks about art in Turkey. However, in Sweden, where I lived and worked for many years, glass is granted as a valuable art material. I am making use of kilns to give form to glass (Kiln Casting). My glass sculptures and objects are created by making use of heat resistant moulds. This requires a fairly long and complicated process where my technical background comes into use. In order to get the glass out of the mould the mould needs to be broken so for each piece a new mould is to be prepared, consequently each piece is unique. The results are really different and interesting. The pieces created by this technique have an opaque character where the glass reflects light and the effect is so much different from any other material. I combine my glass pieces with natural stones and try to express human feelings through my creations. By using open moulds, it is possible to create three dimensional, coloured effects thanks to the transparency of glass. I like writing a story in the glass by making use of this property of the glass. I love to work with glass, I love the visual movement, texture and the depth of multi-layering of glass in three dimensions. Glass is not an easy material to work with, it is capricious but have a soul. I am trying to bring out the soul of glass in my work.

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