Aysen Savci

Aysen Savci

Glass is my passion! I create my sculptures in glass by making use of a long and complicated process called ‘Kiln Casting’, where glass is melted and cooled down in kilns through heat resistant moulds which can be used only once. With this technique, the transparency of the glass is lost a bit, but it creates wonderful results that reflect the light in a mysterious and icy way. By utilizing open moulds, it is also possible to create lovely three dimensional effects and write a story within the glass. I try to use glass like a canvas, creating three dimensional paintings. I must admit that working with glass has many challenges; it’s a capricious material. But glass also provides unique opportunities with its capacity for innumerable combinations of colour and form thanks to its three dimensionality and transparency. I do not like smooth, glossy, polished glass. But casting provides an opportunity where light is absorbed in meditative secrecy and result in a translucent and frosty effect. Cast glass is an unbeatable expressive medium providing possibilities to create emotional, visionary and mythical effects. I combine my glass pieces with natural stones and try to express the impressions and feelings evoked by events and situations happening around us, through my creations. Designing and producing a unique piece is always challenging but also an inspiring process. I make use of the mysterious light reflected by the glass, the visual movement, texture and the depth of multi-layering of colors in three dimensions to give an identity to my unique creations. Each piece carries its own individual and distinctive imperfection. In short, I am trying to bring out the soul of glass… I hope my mysteriously shining cast glass sculptures will open doors within us and touch both minds and hearts.

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