Amandah Andersson

Amandah Andersson

Over ten years as a multidisciplinary artist and professional creatrix within the creative sphere, the vivid work of Amandah Andersson covers a great variety of fields, including customers, independent projects, teaching and artistic collaborations. The red thread of intention while entering portals into new collaborations and commercial commissions is to constantly aim for a highly creative, intricate, and bold expression in symbiosis to the core needs of the customer. Within the diverse artistic practice of Andersson, the direction of her artistic exploration is put towards the inherent healing potential of arts and crafts in general, and textile art in particular. With a poetic approach, Andersson intends to invite the spectator and/or the participant into a visual universe and a crafted garden of textile sensations. A universe where modern spirits, fairy tales, and adventures intend to regain the heart of the present and pave the paths towards a more resonant state of being — with and within the world. Recurring methods within Andersson’s creative practice are the craft of machine knitting, fiber sculpting, print design, ceramics, tufting, and visual translations through painting and illustration. The textile and visual artist Amandah Andersson (b. 1989) grew up on the west coast countryside of Sweden and is since 2010 to present time based in the heart of Stockholm. Andersson holds a master’s degree in fine arts of textiles (2022) at Konstfack University and a bachelor's degree in fashion design (2013) at Beckman’s College of Design.

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