Amandah Andersson

Amandah Andersson

The artistic practice of Amandah Andersson (b. 1989) is centered within the intimate meeting of hand, mind, material and machine, whereas textiles constitutes the dominant of materials. Within the textile field of her artistic practice a variety of materials occurs, often in combination with non-textile materials. The recurring methods of interest is the craft of machine knitting, fiber sculpting, (digital) print making and visual translations through painting and illustration. The objects that emerge out of these various methods into our material world can be considered as representations of abstract concepts often directed towards explorations in the fields of psychology and spirituality, rather than considered as imitations of already existing objects. These material representations can for example be embodied as a plant-like object, unfolded in the imaginary scene of an inner, psychological garden. Key themes that have followed throughout the years are themes that communicate an interest for inner worlds and how these processes are connected to the artistic practice of craft making. The curiosity lays within how the knowledge of our inner worlds can support us in our daily navigation of physical and mental life, both regarding in relation to others, as well as in our intimate relation to ourselves.

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