Amanda Nordqvist

Amanda Nordqvist

My work revolve around a textile practice, but ever so often I look beyond my field for materials and inspiration, all dependent on what the ongoing project needs. My aesthetics are wild yet controlled, sticky yet clean, raw yet composed. What inspires me the most is to look, really look. 
When working in the print workshop, I move around the printing table where the fabric lies. I climb it to get an overview. I use different tools to press the color out, I pour it, I scratch it of again or smudge it out. Idea and process are both very important parts of my practice but it is in the act of making that the main explorations and development take place. Stories rise to the surface and then blend into the whole. The aim of my work is to embody and communicate both the vibrant and tranquil sides of life. In a manner that is expressionistic and decorative, in a transcendent existence between the domestic and art.

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