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Harvard-educated musician D.A. Wallach, one half of indie duo Chester French and adviser to music streamers Spotify, answers an Artworks Q&A devised by Dominic Rodgers

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How did you get involved with Spotify?

I became a super-user of Spotify a few years ago, and desperately wanted to help the company find exciting and innovative ways to support artists. 

Does Spotify’s creativity improve productivity?

Spotify is a very creative company. Folks are encouraged to dream big and pursue difficult problems, and I believe this absolutely makes the company more productive.
How important is the business side of creative work? Do artists across all genres need to be more business savvy?

I think that, practically speaking, it is very important for artists to understand business. Building an audience now is more accessible, but also more hands-on than it has ever been. I don’t think business acumen is important to the actual creative work itself, however.
Should all businesses be more arts aware?

People of all kinds should be more arts savvy, and by that I mean aesthetic knowledge and experience almost always helps people. 

How can artists work more successfully with businesses without sacrificing their artistic integrity?

I think artists should always try to be true to themselves and express honestly what they feel. If they are able to collaborate with businesses around common goals, then I don’t see that as a compromise. Often artists are exploited for the purposes of selling consumer products that they don’t actually love; however, and I don’t think that makes much sense for them.