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Raised on the tiny French island Ile de Ré, Marine Tanguy grew up far from the art scene. Despite, she managed to spearhead her first gallery at the age of 21, and then 2 years later, age 23, set up her own art gallery in Los Angeles. We stop by for a moment, in her new hometown, to see what she is up these days.

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What is filling your diary these days?
Today, I'm running MTArt, a London-based company that supports artists across the globe.
How did you end up in the art world?  
It's been a 15-year journey. As a spectator, I've read a lot, explore places and held the creative industry in the highest esteem. I thought these art people were mad, but the right kind of mad.
My first entry into the field was through an internship at BBC 2 with The Culture Show when I was 19 years old. That was it - I fell for it - and I haven't had a single day off since. I see the world artistically and can't imagine it any other way.
MTArt invest in artists instead of works of art. Similarly to a business angel that is betting on an entrepreneurial talent, tell us about it?
I find that the art world tends to concentrate on works rather than the artists that create them. Paradoxically, if you look back in time at those people who had the most impact on the history of art, it's the visionaries that stand out. That's the magic of our field. It's more than just retail - it's about people - people who inspire us and push society forward. Yet, somehow, there are still very few systems set up to manage these people.  
How did you come up with the idea?
When running my own gallery in Los Angeles, I felt more like the owner of a luxury shop than someone supporting talented artists for the long term. Then being in LA was also an major inspirational source.
The city gives you plenty of exposure to other creative industries. In particular those of music and film. I noticed it was possible to spot an incredible talent and to build a business structure behind them, one designed to grow them into who they want to become. And so the idea of MTArt was born. This is less than 2 years ago.
You are now in London. How is the art scene in London compared to Los Angeles?  
Very different - Los Angeles is much more spread out, you drive not walk. Of course Los Angeles is an artistic place, boasting the likes of Hockey, Ed Rusha and others. Yet, I must admit I feel stronger for London.
London is this incredibly dynamic platform of brains - every dinner presents the opportunity to meet the most inspirational people. While I find Los Angeles a PR inspiration, and it provides the most amazing light and setting to inspire many colour obsessed painters and photographers, I ground myself here in London. Here, I feel part of the redefinition of what society will be over the coming decades. No doubt, an art scene is often the best representation of the people living in that specific location.