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After duty at Lars Bohman Gallery, Carl Kostyal and Christie's, Jakob Göransson has relocated to London to work for art advisory and dealer Simon C. Dickinson, Ltd. Despite his young age and the coolness of contemporary art, Jacob has come to specialise in “old masters”.

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What’s the hardest thing about getting a job in the art world?

- Performing within hierarchical and traditional structures surrounded by a plethora of people in positions similar to yours. 

How do I get an internship at Christies or Sothebys?

- Get a good degree, follow the market closely, meet with insiders during the least busy period in the auction cycle.

You have an impressive resume of internships, what are the most hated/loved jobs of an intern?

- To contribute something substantial through your own initiative, which could be vital provenance found in the depths of the Witt library or a link to a client that is perfect for a specific picture. To research a hideous picture, by an insipid artist, that potentially could be fake, and will most likely not be found in the proper literature for the artist, and even if it was correct would never be offered for sale.

Describe Simon Dickinson in one sentence for an art world newbie?

- A great "eye" and rival for major consignments to Christie's and Sotheby's.

Who are Christie’s and Sotheby’s?

- Haha, stop it you muppet! Artworks answers: Christie’s and Sotheby’s are two of the world’s leading auction houses within the secondary art market. 

To whom would you love to sell an artwork?

- The Getty family.

The coolest art event you ever went to?

- I look forward to the launch of Charles Hindlip's memoirs at Christie's next week.

Most used apps or websites used daily by the gallery?

- Artnet, Art Market Monitor and Artworks, if I could download it :) (Artworks is currently only available to a Scandinavian audience. Very soon though, a web-version is to be released).