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Artworks had a word with the artist Hilde Retzlaff about her work, her current show at Bonniers Konsthall but also about her hunger for fashion.

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Congratulations to this year's Maria Bonnier Dahlin grant, we are intrigued by the exhibition but how do you best describe your art?

Speechless art. Art with integrity! I nearly almost work with materials I find, for example in the street. I try to make an object that is strange and will not let itself be explained, but at the same time so simple in its own form that you can not work it out.

Is there anything else on the art scene right now that you would recommend?

First and foremost, I’m co-exhibiting with the awesome Jasmin Daryani! The second exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall is called ´Andra sidan skiftet´. In one of the rooms, there is this lovely little kite hanging from the ceiling. You can’t miss that one!

Judging your social media feed, it's doesn't go unnoticed that you have an affection for clothing and fashion. How would you describe your clothing-style?

My attitude towards getting dressed is basically drag. I do a lot of different styles that are based on my personal archetypes of women. I dress myself very matching. I like to really dress for occasion and turn everything into an opportunity to play dress up. I am often over-dressed which never bothered me.

I've mostly looked back historically for inspiration but the last year or so I've been doing a more contemporary look. I also dress younger than before. My new motto is to wear clothes which will make me blush in a few years. I think it's an age thing, I want to make the most out of these last years of my twenties. I can dress ladylike later...  

When I'm in the mood I like to be a head-turner and I like people to go "who is that (crazy) woman?". I like to intimidate and I actually have really good stats with guys not talking to me - for that I thank high fashion.

Would you like to collaborate with a fashion brand?

Yes, I have so many ideas. I might also start making fashion myself in collaboration with a friend or someone. 

Best dressed artist?

Lap-See Lam and Gabriella Loeb, I really admire the styles of these two friends of mine. 

What’s happening next?

First, I’m going to Athens on holiday. Then, I will finish my Masters degree at Mejan (the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm). And this fall, I will go to Berlin for an artist in residence.