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Malmö art night extravaganza is celebrating its 20th anniversary this Saturday! Artworks shares a few insiders tip to help navigate a wonderful art party.

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 What is it?

Art Night is a free art festival that takes place overnight on the 30 September in Malmö. Across 54 Malmö locations, art venues and artists will invite you to a festival of contemporary art celebration. 50,000 people are expected to hit the streets for this single night. 

Johan Berggren Gallery

Malmö-based gallery owner Johan Berggren dares to challenge his audience. It’s easy to understand, and it has earned him the credit as being one of Sweden’s most interesting galleries. With a refreshing attitude his line-up presents mostly young artists, early on in their careers.

Currently at the gallery, two parallel shows: Mattias Nordéus who diffuses the boundaries between painting and sculpture with his soldiers inspired by video games, and Magnus Larsson whose skeletons are questioning the nature of the human being.
Address: Båstadgatan 4.

Galerie Leger

Malmö's most flamboyant art gallery, Galerie Leger, got fed up with its location at "Dockan" in Malmö and has since March this year occupied premises at Gustav Adolfs torg. The new premises fill up a total of 220 square meters and  the business continues with the two charming brothers Yan and Claus Leger whose father established the gallery in 1960. Galerie Leger hosts as many as ten exhibitions each year, mainly by contemporary artists.

Come and watch 34-year-old Max Ockborn during the evening. Max works with diverse range of mediums such as sculpture, paintings and texts. His work has both the character of nomadic rites and a thoughtful escape from reality. Exciting or frightening?
Address:  Stora Nygatan 11 .


A former glass factory in Malmö is today occupied by gallery KRETS. A not-for-profit organisation with an open attitude towards collaboration. Ten years on, it’s beyond doubt a space for art with an innovative and experimental program, compiled by great mix of people.

During the art night there is a group exhibition featuring video, performance, installation and textile works by 5 artists.
Address: Kristianstadsgatan 16.

Skånes Konstförening

Skånes Konstförening exhibits Nordic and international contemporary art and encourages an to increase the exchange of experiences, ideas and networks. Skånes Konstförening plays today an active role in the region’s art scene through its prominent position and outreach.

Skåne Konstförening celebrates the gallery night with a closing party, live music and the release of homing pigeons.
Address: Bragegatan 15.

Galleri Ping-Pong

If you are to believe newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet’s expert panel, Malmö's best art gallery is located at Stora Nygatan 4.

That gallery owner Gert-Olle Göransson has partly his dad to give credit for the award. Early on, it was his father who paved the wave for Gert-Olles arts interest and as a homage to his dad, there is a painting by his dad that hangs above his desk in the gallery.

Today, more than fifty years later, Gallery Ping-Pong is not just one of the country’s most ambitious art gallery. In addition to its exhibition programme, there is also a shop in the gallery where you can purchase vinyl records, books and movies. The gallery regularly organises concerts and literature evenings, and works hard to demonstrate that art galleries can be as vibrant and inspiring as your local coffee shop.

There are two ongoing shows at the gallery right now. Artist Sofie Josefsson with impeccable detailed skills in her paintings that depicts everyday things with a touch of sophisticated humor. And London-educated Katarina Andersson, who, in addition to being an artist, can put professor, teacher and lecturer to her business card, presents five paintings.
Address: Stora Nygatan 4


Initiated by photo-based artists, photography is thus in focus at Breadfield. The space hosts about six to eight exhibitions per year, as well as many seminars and discussions around photography as an artistic medium.

Artist Karl Henrik Edlund's exhibition Bright hours has the privilege to present the gallery during the evening. For 6 years Karl Henrik travelled to the North Calotte and northwestern Russia which has laid the foundation for his show.
Address: Föreningsgatan 49.

Galleri CC

A group of artists living in Malmö run this not-for-profit art space. They organise eight shows per year, often with artists from their extensive overseas network.

During the evening, the gallery present Turkish artist Seçil Yaylalı who turns back the gallery to its previous function - a Turkish bakery. The artist creates an interactive environment to critically reflect on the political situation in her country, using the Turkish sweets as a metaphor of the intricate present.
Address: Båstadsgatan 4.

Galleri Rostrum

The overarching ambition for this artist-run gallery is to widen the art scene, embracing diversity in all its shapes and forms. A versatile programme, organised by the members, includes many shows, projects and events.

Rostrum will be open from 6pm until midnight and presents a project by artist Tuss Marie Lysén, who will also be present during the evening. Tuss’s exhibition, Every day in the middle of the world, is an ongoing project. It began as an installation on a wasteland in the middle of the city. Text and sound are important components of her work, which often have political undertones. The project is covered by texts, video, audio, graphics, paintings, drawings, photographs, installations.
Address: Västergatan 21.

Elastic Gallery

It's almsost four years since Ola Gustafsson and his beloved Elastic Gallery departed Malmö for Stockholm. But to celebrate this weekend's "gallerinatt", Ola reappears at a nostalgic location at Båstadsgatan 4, very close to where it all  began. This time in company with a lingering 91-year-old Malmö artist, Eric Lennarth.
Address: Båstadsgatan 4.

Galleri 21

An artist-run gallery in central Malmö. Art exhibitions show art from the Nordic region. Music and theatrical events often form part of their programme in collaboration with other local cultural groups.

During the evening you will see an exhibition by the Finnish artist Essi Kausalainen. She has been active since 2000 and in addition to performance, she works with video and installation.
Address: Rådmansgatan 5.

Also, new for this year is the Art Quiz and the After Party! 

Visit at least four galleries, answer four questions (at least one in each gallery) and automatically take part in the drawing of an artwork! The drawing takes place at Pub Kuntze, Sankt Gertrud at. 9.45pm.

From 10pm there will be an official after party at the Morian Pavilion in People's Park. Clubbing meets art at the venues Bistron and Spegelsalen for the evening.

Share the evening's fun on social media with #artworksapp and # malmögallerinatt2017