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We had a quick chat with Bo Nilsson, artistic director of Artipelag, about the week ahead and what he feels is missing from the Nordic arts scene

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What activities will be making waves at the Stockholm Art Week?

If you mean making waves in the real sense of the word, I don’t think Stockholm Art Week will do that, but we all hope that it will happen. It’s important to make our society, and politicians realise that art is important in it’s own right, and not only as an event for promotion of the image of Stockholm as a creative region.

How is technology influencing or changing your work?

Technology is both influencing and changing the work at Artipelag due to the fact that artists are trying out new technology, and we have to be up to date with their work to meet their standards. We try to keep up with new digital technology in our educational efforts with text and moving images.

How important is the Stockholm Art Week for you?

Stockholm Art Week is not so important for us while we are not situated in the city, but in the periphery. But trying to highlight the position of art in everyday life is important to remind people that art is an ongoing process and not just an event and an occasion for partying.

What would you like to see that art fairs/weeks rarely offer?

The commercial aspects are there already, the seminars could be extended, but where are the different players in the art scene, the politicians, institutions, and the academic world aren’t really part of the art week at the moment.

We are missing an important forum for discussion of art that is not fragmented, but more at large with across all the important aspects.

What is missing from the arts landscape in the Nordic countries?

The representation is mainly gallery artists, that gives one aspect of the art scene, but only one.

 Apart from a great art experience, what other reasons bring people to visit Artipelag?

The combination of a beautiful natural setting, art shows in a dialogue with nature, meeting facilities and nice enjoyable food in a peaceful atmosphere.