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c/o Stockholm is run in accordance with strict house regulations, which everyone, without exception, must abide by. The result? Total privacy, a paradoxically democratic door policy, and Sweden's most interesting art exhibition. We meet with Roger Björkholmen, one of its co-founders for a Q&A-talk before the doors open.

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How would you describe yourself to a 25-year-old-someone?

As a very knowledgable old fart. 

What would you like to be remembered as?

As someone who introduced exciting art, both Swedish and International, that will leave a poignant mark on art history. 

You recently gave up the art gallery that displayed your art program for the last decade, how do we find you today?

Right now through pop-up exhibitions, my website ( and my Instagram feed (@rogerbjorkholmen). And through Artworks, of course!

Why did you give it up?

To get a new fresh space with vital energy. I have a 10-year limit for a space, after that I find that it looses energy.

You're one of the founders to much-loved art project c/o Stockholm, what could you tell us about it and how do I get an invite?

It's a joint exhibition project of high quality art, antiquities and modern design thats pops up on different locations. We've been in a former 17th century private palace, the former Czechoslovakian Embassy, which is a brutalist architectural landmark in Stockholm, and so on.

We are open by invitation only - to get an invite, send me a polite email or “like” a lot of my Instagram posts.

Rumour has it that you host a little round-table with industry buddies where you discuss the future of the art industry. Is it true, and what was the most recent topic discussed?

Well, yes and no! There is a very informal discussion on how to maintain and gain interest for interesting art, now that everything has turned into entertainment.

What was conclue?

Right now no comments.

You have children, do you entice them to go in your footstep?

Not directly but more of keeping the interest on a relatively high level. Actually, my son has a very good eye.

What do you do, when you don't do art?

More art, and after that, modern design and excellent wines.

Finally, for someone who feels puzzled and twisted by the art scene, what is biggest piece of fabricated gossip you've seen coming out from the industry?

A recent one, well from the last ten years, is the alleged lack of available works by Damien Hirst. There were tons of work available.