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We begin our series highlighting the personal and professional journeys of some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs. Måns Jacobsson Hosk, CEO and co-founder of Kurppa Hosk, tells us what makes an art gallery attractive.

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Who are you?
Måns Jacobsson Hosk, CEO and founder of design agency Kurppa Hosk. Married, father of two very energetic boys and mitigating my slight 40 year crisis with a lot of running and vegan food.  
Where are you and why?
At a coffee shop answering these questions, preparing for a client meeting and managing some plumbers via sms working on a water leak in our bathroom.
What are you wearing?
My usual uniform: jeans, blue striped shirt, blue sweater, beige trench and a pair of Crocket & Jones.
What does your social media diet consist of?
Day-time Linkedin and night-time Instagram with a preference for browsing trail running posts and keeping up with what my friends are doing since I unfortunately don't get a lot of time hanging out with them IRL.   
What does your art diet consist of?
Time for this is unfortunately quite scarce these days, but luckily I keep up with help from my father-in-law who's an art dealer mainly focusing on pop-art and upcoming Swedish artists and who debriefs me over Sunday family dinners. And of course – Artworks fills me in with much of the rest!
Art is best consumed...
... together with my beloved wife at MoMa NYC.
What makes an art gallery attractive to you?
I generally like really spacious venues where you get the time and space to digest your art experience rather than small and crowded galleries where you might get forced into pretentious discussions about the artist, the art or the art world at large. 
Who was the last person to leave a strong impression on you (good, bad or otherwise)?
The other day I met with the CEO of another design firm that gave me some entirely new perspectives on design and how it can facilitate societal change. A very inspiring and insightful person.
Would art ever become as everyday as fashion or music?  
Isn't it already?  
What would you say was Kurppa Hosk's defining moment?
When me and my founding partner Thomas Kurppa forced ourselves into a pitch for Tele2's global visual identity without having neither a company or a clue and ended up winning this huge assignment. From this day and on, we where suddenly Kurppa Hosk. So – a defining moment in a very definite way.