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Arts consultant Rikard Förare puts forward seven great reasons for finding the perfect match between your business and the arts and how it creates brilliant benefits to your organisation

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1. Touch their mind

The focus of partnership is the customer, right? Here, the arts are a great role model that will give you an opportunity to trigger emotions in the minds of potential customers. Turn your doubters into fans. It’s true that marketing is too important to be left only to the marketing department. Instant communication with the customer is something businesses need to concentrate on.

2. Broaden your business’ horizons

Even if your company focus on B2B the arts can help you to create a broader public awareness about you and your product. For example, the Swedish Vasa Museum needed to replace thousands of rusty iron bolts from a ship. Sandvik developed a new material for them that would last over a thousand years. The partnership has created a growing demand for it and Swedish Vasa Museum saved their treasured ship from falling apart.

3. Create new best-sellers

Some corporates say that creativity is the hardware of the future. The arts can improve your brand communication through new media and new products such as games, plays, fashion and digital arts to mention a few.

4. Develop your colleagues

There has been lot of talk about “thinking outside the box.” Why not connect the HR-department to arts partnership? Working closely with an artist to improve the internal communications at your workplace, to challenge you to notice things in the office that you haven’t even thought about.

5. Tackle social issues

There’s a lot to do in the world. Leaving things to the politicians can take too long. Together is the only way forward whether it is addressing poverty or improving everyday people’s lives. The right partnership with the arts can put any issue into the spotlight.

6. Styling the office

The most obvious, you may think, but using curated contemporary art in the office to express the brand values can help you to improve both customer relations and sales figures.

7. Touring the world

It takes two to tango and many exhibitions and performances travel around the globe, which might be the perfect way to help you go global.