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You don’t have to be Google for employees to love working for you. Artworks gives you some quick tips for recruiting the best and the brightest – even if your HQ doesn’t have a swimming pool.

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1. Leadership

This generation is not prepared to take orders or be controlled; they can and will think and do for themselves. What they seek are leaders who lead by example, and who stand up for their own values and beliefs. Make sure development plans are personal and followed up on a regular basis.

2. Transparency and inclusion 

They want to be included in development work and processes. They are used to collaboration, prototypes and belonging to a community. Their opinions are as valuable as any others. They expect people to be as willing to learn from someone younger and maybe less experienced, as the other way around.

3. Career definition 

They will not be as interested in climbing the hierarchical career ladder as previous employees. What motivates them is freedom, responsibility, fast pace of development, and possibilities to unleash creativity and find their own way. This could mean working 70 per cent with traditional organisational work and 30 per cent with prototyping their own ideas, (keep in mind that such “minority” projects could also lead to the organisation coming up with the next Spotify). In most cases, companies can skip bonuses altogether as what really motivates is an environment that encourages personal or professional development.