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Jenny Källman’s work brilliantly illustrates humanity´s far-reaching curiosity. She gazes into the corners of closed rooms, exploring their physical aspect and what lies beyond, thereby challenging both the laws of physics and our own imagination. The boys depicted in Martina Hoogland Ivanow’s White Series are in a world of their own, and remind the viewer of the long and fragile progression from childhood to adulthood. Closed eyes evoke the slumber felt after intense play. The scene exudes stillness yet includes the expectation that these youths will soon arise and continue to tumble about. Julia Peirone skillfully captures the complexities of this same progression. Her models express the vulnerability of teenagers, and we expereince through them bodies in motion and moments frozen in time. The starting point of Jaana Maijala photo-based artworks JFK, Magnet and Munkkiniemi are drawings of specific places and situations. As she states: “These drawings are attempts to capture moments, to preserve entire experiences through the rhythm of the pencil.” The video When by Pernilla Zetterman shows a woman looking straight into the camera at the viewer, blinking only when it is absolutely necessary. As she does, she swings a lasso with a confident hand. We meet her clear gaze and her natural expression and ask ourselves: What or whom does she mean to catch?

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