Tulip Variation #6, 2016



66 x 46 x 2 cm


Tulip Variation #6
In white wood frame with museum glas
Signed a tergo

In recent years I have been exploring various randomized processes within a digital workflow. Working with or against the preset algorithms found in image processing software. I´m trying to find new approaches to work with photography in a digital age, making the computer the main instrument for my practice. Each body of work follows a few but strict conceptual rules but I also like to add elements of change to impact the result. I want to be surprised by my own work, otherwise the creative process becomes boring to me.

So I was happily surprised one day while making inkjet prints, when I accidentally removed the USB-memory with the Tiff-file being printed. The printer then repeated a single line of pixels. The result was minimalistic and abstract, it instantly intrigued me. But it was not at all clear in the beginning that this technic was gonna be applied on images of tulips, it took a lot of trials with various images before the potential of the lines made sence to me. Another reason why I choose flowers as subject mater was that it have always been a frequent motif in art and it is said that the Dutch masters seals had to paint tulips for years before they were allowed to make portraits. Such a well-known motive can easily become strenuous and boring, so attempting to make something that could feel new in a long line of ”flower art” was one of my ambitions with this body of work.

Another aspect I really like about this method is that even though it might be possible in theory, it is highly unlikely to pull out the USB at the exact same time twice. Which means that this simple method transforms postcard pictures of flower fields into unique artworks.

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