The Heart / 5 of 5, 2020

5 000 SEK


Teknik/medium: Acrylic

27 x 25 x 3 cm

Edition: 5

“But once we get across the jungle of words, definitions, and categories, what do we find? The heart. And the heart does not know words or definitions, it does not know right or wrong, lie or fear, and it does not articulate. The heart only knows itself.”

Unique piece, part of a series of 5. This statue is part of the artist's research on folk art and celebratory objects for the home. Laser cut wood mounted on wood base, hand-painted on both sides, sealed, signed and numbered. Made-to-order, possible to make according to specifications.

This exemplary features a unique combination of 6 metallic colors – including gold, silver and a copper base – that make the statue reveal new light and reflections with each hour of the day. A total of 14 colors adornishes this object, meant to bring warmth and joy in the home.