'The Crowning of a God', 2020, ett konstverk av Hrik
The Crowning of a God, 2020




Acrylic, Felt pen, Spray paint

65 x 81 x 3 cm


Ok, it didn’t quite take 9 months to finish this painting, but close! In fact, the life of this painting started back in April 2020, when my daughter went to town on the blank canvas with her Ikea acrylics!

After that it was gestating until September, when I roughed it up real good in a back alley with some spray paint. I decided to keep elements of my daughter’s original work, both as a homage, and as inspiration for the direction I was taking this piece.

Having gazed at it for days, I did a quick pen and paper sketch with ideas. What I had then come up with was a birthing scene of some otherworldly entity - an unnamed God!

The birthing mother’s legs are visible behind it, with her 3 plump breasts, cascading milk. The milk is collected by the 3 muses standing in the background. The Muses were actually a crown my daughter had painted, which clearly inspired the whole crowning aspect of it, which then became a birthing scene. So I decided to keep the muses in broad strokes, as a tribute, and also because these muses are not divine, nor human - they are “other” and so of course they have a different look.
The eyes of the God did not have all the mini-eyes on them originally, but the big eyes either made the God look way too cute, or way too scary - so I just decided to do something completely different and outlandish.
To the left, the mysterious Elephant/Mickey Mouse person runs into frame! I think somehow this is me. The Father. The long Rubik’s Snake arms signify me trying to remain flexible and inventive, and the left arm is reaching out my melting heart - my soul and love - to the Newborn.
And to the right - The Midwife. She’s no regular midwife, but one that helps delivering Gods. Hence all the eyes to keep track of everything. The brownish beak-mouth was a very intuitive addition, but I like that it gives her a quite stern and serious look. Her jumping or flying pose is.. Well, that’s just how it works when Gods are born, ok?
This is one of my bigger paintings thus far, and definitely one of the most detailed ones. There’s a tonne of little “secrets” and “hidden details” here that I invite you to discover. That level of detail - plus the multi-layered conceptual development process - is why it’s taken quite a while to complete. And in my opinion, this is my personal favourite out of all my paintings.

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