'Survivor ', 2019, ett konstverk av Annamaria Johansson
Survivor , 2019






55 x 44 x 1.8 cm


Kontakta för pris

Oh life
Is just a game
No one ever tells you how to play
See different people
Go different ways
Some of them will leave you but
Some of them will stay
Well our hearts keep drumming
And the years keep coming
Quicker than they've ever been
You're sick of the same thing
But it's quicker than changing
It's too late to begin
Well everybody's running
But you don't know where
Time is running thin
Everybody's looking for somebody to love
But we're scared to let them in
And I say oh oh oh
Are there any survivors?
Am I here alone?

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Finns för upphämtning i Stockholm.