'Speed Piece (Whiteboard)', 2019, ett konstverk av Josefine Östberg Olsson
Speed Piece (Whiteboard), 2019



120 x 300 cm


Teknik: markers på Whiteboard

Verket är en del av det större performancebaserade projektet som kretsade kring deltagandet i Sveriges längsta biltävling 2019, Street Week.

In the summer of 2019 the rest of team 181 and I participated in the one week long car race Street week Sweden, as a part of the conceptual art project Speed Piece (2017-2019).
We were racing for several days, one strip each day and 4-5hours driving to the next racing strips each night.
The readymade was in the lines, sound and power and the participation didn’t carry anything with it except ambitions.

The races was broadcast live on Instagram from the driver seat, with around 300 views each day. This piece now only exist in the collective memory of those 300, except for this stills.

It was all about speed, time and fury. To race from a starting point whit all power and then return.

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