'Social Meeting', 1997, ett konstverk av Raffael Reinsberg
Social Meeting, 1997



270 x 2500 cm


A wanderer between the “Art-Worlds”, looking when walking, discover, disclose. To add the sculpture park some of the traces of life of people who have lived and worked here. Together with the social station in Umeå, where skiers made up the label “Social” – a big word – conveyed a new content in its abstract form, which interpreted the Voice of things in a new way. Every item possesses a soul through erosion and use of the human being, who has worked with it. Everyone has his own story and his own causal connection. I had to listen closely to my own artistic work, choose and show in order to let place and work of art become one unit, where people could find themselves again.

Transport och andra avgifter kan tillkomma.