Skin, 2019






91 x 75 x 3 cm


13 250 SEK

I am exploring spontaneously occurring macro-texture in cloth by manipulating weave structure and materials. In this exhibition are presented two of a series of three works, woven in a damask handloom at Handarbetets Vänner, in which elements of a functioning weave structure were gradually removed. How much could you remove while still retaining coherence in the system? What happens when the structure collapses? Is the collapse ordered, or does collapse occur at random? These works were the preparatory steps leading to “Partial Control”, currently exposed at Handarbetets Vänners gallery, and are the basis for the master’s project I am currently working on in the CRAFT! textil program at Konstfack. The larger questions I am exploring tie into the nature of the self and the position of the larger cultural-political situation in that context.

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