'Shanghai Pearl Market (Painting)', 2015, ett konstverk av Karl Patric Näsman
Shanghai Pearl Market (Painting), 2015

Kontakta för pris


Teknik/medium: Oil

205 x 152 cm

A collaborative work together with the Chinese artist Jiang Weitao, conducted in Shanghai, China in 2015.

Extract from the catalogue text ‘The copy of a copy of a copy’ by the artist Thomas Elovsson,'Fredrik Roos Art Grant 2016' at Moderna Museet Malmö :

“When Karl Patric Näsman goes to China to produce copies of Swedish splash painting, he chooses to collaborate with a contemporary Chinese artist, Jiang Weitao. Based on Näsman’s instructions, he and Jiang Weitao together produced several metres of splash-painted linen canvas, which Näsman then brought back to Sweden to mount on stretchers and present as paintings.

In the work Shanghai Pearl Market, the canvas is stretched on a specially-made room divider. Here, the painting is transferred from its “natural” place as a painting on a wall, to a piece of furniture with a specific purpose.

The painting has been turned into a utility object, but Näsman chooses to let it remain in the art context, and it becomes a form of free-standing sculptural object in the room. Together with this folding screen, Näsman shows another manifestation of the same splash technique, this time as mounted, wall-hung paintings. The same painting presents itself in two entirely different ways. Splash painting is now a kit that can be used in a variety of ways – as object, painting, design.”