' Pros & Cons of behaving', 2015, ett konstverk av Irina Lindqvist
Pros & Cons of behaving, 2015




76 x 56 cm


8 750 SEK

Exhibition based on book of Erik Bern´s Games people play.

What does this say about us?
We comply with everyday game rules.
We agree for psychological theatricals to take control over our very existence on often an unconscious level.

We fall into time-consuming mind battles where we make it easy for others to take advantage of us.
We need to act our way out to change these rules, established by others or us.

“Life is really very simple. But if people have to face that fact they get very upset. So they invent religions and pastimes and games. These are the same people who then lament how awful it is that life is complicated. But all complications involve decisions, and a person must assess the probabilities and possibilities, make the best decision and then go down the street whistling.” Eric Berne, 1964.

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