'Photographer Juninho César Santos - The sky is on fire', 2016, ett konstverk av Juninho César Santos
Photographer Juninho César Santos - The sky is on fire, 2016




25 x 40 x 10 cm


69 USD

"The scene of the blazing red sky signals the end of the line of people rushing to return to work and return to their families, the scenery where the blue sky is so blue, and an incredible sense of peace"
The image of the blazing red sky by photographer Juninho César Santos depicts the sky in the solitude of millions of years, but he still illuminates mankind every day a picture that is meant to motivate people to be more than nothing. Because of the loneliness that beat away the hard-working nature of the ancients, there is a saying "I can work hard to sharpen iron for a day."
Author - Artist: Juninho César Santos
Email : doandeptry16@gmail.com
Phone number : +1 886 882-9994

Uploaded: 13/06/2016

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